Police Officers Hiding Again!


Not wearing a seat belt

I have looked at all of the other questions asked about fixed penalty notices where the police have either written the wrong d.o.b or the wrong date & time for the offence – what if the ticket is neither dated nor gives a time of the offence (not wearing a seat belt)?

My ticket is the master of his copy so he will also not have a time and date on his records – Will it still be the same advice of paying the penalty?

I wouldn’t mind but it was truly a mistake & they are sneaky and hide behind walls, I only caught a glimpse of his nose !!

Rob Says:

I’m afraid a defect on the ticket is never going to amount to a defence unless it undermines the reliability of the officers evidence.

If you contest the ticket and take the matter to court the officer will attend and give evidence in person. The police officer will give evidence of the date and time. If he doesn’t you will stand a chance of casting a doubt.

The ticket is simply an offer to get the matter over with cheaply and quickly.

The only good reason to take the matter to court is if you deny the offence I’m afraid.

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