Produced Insurance – They Won’t Accept


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I’ve been issued with a fixed penalty notice (endorsable) £200 from the met, because the national computer data base said I was uninsured. My husband volunteered to immediately produce the relevant insurance documents at our local police station, police officer would not talk to him & issued the above notice.

I now have personally produced the documents & have had my driving licence taken from me, (by request of the issuing officer). I apparently have to pay £200 & will get 6 points on my licence…..BUT IVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. please can you advise?

Before I realised what a horrible mess this was I had made a complaint to the police station about the officers behavior towards me during this incident, I only stopped him to ask for directions!

Paula Says:

You should not accept the fixed penalty and you should not let them endorse the points on your licence. You have not committed an offence if you have insurance cover.

If you want me to make representation to the police for you come back to me. Have they told you why they are not accepting the insurance certificate that you have? Is there something wrong with it? Does it cover the time and date when you were stopped?

Can you scan me a copy of the insurance certificate and the ticket you have received and I will be happy to assist further.

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