Recent Due Care And Attention Victories

We defend lots of allegations under s.3 Road Traffic Act 1988, i.e. driving without due care and attention.

Every case is different and are all decided on their own merits.

One recent chap was accused of being impatient and over taking inappropriately. The car in front was indicating left but proceeding very slowly. Our client overtook him and almost caused a collision with a police officer that just happened to be driving towards him on the opposite side of the road…. read on…

Our client knew he had been impatient and that the overtake was reckless but was desperate to avoid a conviction for driving without due care and attention.

We liaised with the Crown Prosecution Service and the officer in the case and managed to get the case withdrawn on the basis that our client agreed to do the driver improvement course, despite this not being offered by the officer initially.

Therefore our client avoided a road traffic collision and the risk of 3-9 penalty points or a discretionary ban.

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