On Red For Just Over A Second


Failing to comply with an automatic traffic signal

I have no recollection of the light being on red and was totally unaware it was an offence to go through on amber. I have received the conditional offer and it states on the letter that I failed to comply with the red automated traffic signal by 1.1 second.

I am not too sure what I could have done in 1.1 second to prevent going through. Is there any grounds for appeal on this as it is only 1 second?

Graham Says:

I’m afraid that going through a red light is a strict liability offences. It’s even an offence to go through on amber unless you can prove that it was not safe to stop.

The vast majority of people that contravene red traffic lights do so by only a second or two so I am afraid the court will not have a huge amount of sympathy and you won’t have a defence so you will end up with higher fines and court costs.

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