Refusing To Provide A Breath Specimen – Warrant For My Arrest


I was charged in 2007 with refusal to blow a breathalyzer and provide a breath specimen so was charged and due to appear in court. I was however in the country on holiday and had to leave before my court date back to my country urgently.

I contacted the police and I am still in contact with them to make them aware of the fact that I am no longer in the country. The police however keep visiting my wife’s father’s property as that was address used for my driving license.

What can I do to stop the visit to her parents home as there is no one residing there currently because it’s a holiday flat.

Dominic Says:

There will be a warrant out for your arrest I’m afraid. This will most likely be without bail because you failed to surrender to your bail after being charged at the police station.

There is nothing you can do to stop the police looking for you I’m afraid and they are entitled to keep looking. It doesn’t matter that you have kept the police informed.

The fact is you were bailed to attend court and you didn’t. The police take that very seriously. The only way you can get the matter over and done with is to return to the UK and surrender yourself to the police/court and get sentenced or found not guilty.

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