Robbed By A Speed Camera


51 in a 30

What if the road is incorrectly rated, i.e. it should be 40 rather than a 30 as there’s no buildings or pavement on one side and the houses on the other are set back at least 50ft.

Or time of day, I mean it was 7.07am on a dead straight road with absolutely no traffic around. Why is common sense not applied.

Reported in paper that this speed camera van caught 100 people in its 1st 4 hrs, why??? Because it doesn’t warrant being a 30 – The majority of the public drive at a ‘safe’ speed limit which is why so many people got ‘robbed’ by this camera.

Louise Says:

I am sorry but the only issue that will have a bearing on whether or not you are convicted is if you can cast a doubt on the suggestions that you were speeding.

If the limit for the road is properly signed and the police have reliable evidence that you were speeding then you will be convicted I’m afraid. the speed is high as well so you are likely to get a court summons rather than a fixed penalty offer.

Have you got any points already on your licence? If so, how many?

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