I Could Say I Just Picked The Phone Up


I was parked in traffic and have built in bluetooth, a call came in and went onto the speakers, I do not know why I did it but just picked my phone up for a second which was stupid because nothing was coming through the phone and I actually thought what an idiot I was.

The police were having a push on people using mobile phones just at that time and had plain clothes officers standing watching drivers.

They pulled me in and gave me a ticket. They did not take a written statement or any other evidence. I made the mistake of telling them that I called the answer phone but they could not see that, all the officer saw was me pick the phone up and put it down again. Any call coming in goes straight to the car system and I do not have to use the phone.

I have not taken my licence in yet and could still opt to go to court but would have to say a call came in.

Paula Says:

If you made admissions to the officer at the time you stopped these will have been recorded and they will be read out at court. At court you would have to go through a full trial and be cross examined by the prosecution lawyer.

The officer would attend and give evidence and you would have to cross examine him. At the end of it if you lose you will get higher fines and court costs for your trouble.

If you accept the offence you are better off taking the ticket – unless you are at risk of a ban or revocation? Tell me more on that front.

You mustn’t lie when you give evidence on oath otherwise you can be accused of perjury which carries a prison sentence.

Tell me more about your licence.

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