Second No Insurance Offence


I was stopped last year without insurance. I was stopped last week the same. Both times due to personal admin. Mess up but no excuse there. I was given 6 points last year.

If I am given another 6 points this will, I think, give me a 6 month ban from driving. I need to drive for my work. Is there anything that can be done here? I have not yet received the summons for the offence from last week.

Graham Says:

I’m afraid that you are going to be at risk of a 6 month ban if you are convicted of this offence. If it was down to a personal admin error then you are not going to have a defence and you are not going to be able to argue special reasons to avoid the points I’m afraid.

Your only chance is going to be to argue exceptional hardship to avoid the ban.

Tell me about what you do for a living and who relies on you and I will be happy to assess your chances of trying to keep you licence.

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