Speed Limit Signs Obscured


Excess speed 30mph camera 43mph

This particular camera has all warning signs obscured and concealed by hanging trees, the speed camera sign is hidden behind two other large signs and is about 30m away from the camera and about 150m away from a 40mph zone which is on exactly the same stretch of road I.E. no buildings either side.

To be honest, I didn’t even see the camera sign as I was paying attention to the 40mph sign as I thought I was going into that speed limit.

Louise Says:

The signs that seem to be obscured relate to width restrictions rather than the speed limit of speed trap warning signs?

In any event its not a legal requirement for speed traps to be signposted. There are guidelines that they should be but they are not required by law.

The only signs that are obligatory are the ones at the start of the speed limit which set the limit for the road. there should be 2 30 mph signs at the start of the limit. Are they obscured?

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