Speeding Allegation – Colour Of Car Wrong


Briefly, accused of speeding via LT2020, I doubt very much I was and doubt the equipment. There are 3 officers making statements, true and signed, all 3 state that my car is blue, it is in fact black, jet black and shiny to be exact.

Even if it was deemed an oversight, would that not seem strange that all 3 officers have the same oversight when making witness statements? OR have they just copied what one of them has written and made a bit up?

Is there anything along the lines of collaboration or collusion or even perjury afoot? Summons arrived 12/03 for a date early May. How do I stand and thank you in advance for any help

Louise Says:

Have you got a court hearing? I assume that you have due to the fact that you have the officer’s statement.

If you deny the speed alleged you should ask for a court hearing and try and cast a doubt on the officer’s evidence.

If there are three of them you may struggle – but if the have all got the colour of the car wrong you may be able to show the court that they fired the LTI 20/20 at the wrong car.

I anticipate that they have all written their statements at the same time or from the same notebook entry. Again this may help you to cast a doubt.

The court won’t accuse them of perjury – at worst they will find that they are all mistaken.

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