Speeding – What can I expect?


I need to know what I can expect for this speeding allegation?

On x March 2010, I was driving in Cumbria at x, on the dual carriageway and in front of me approximately 200 ad 300 yards I saw a sign for 30mph speed limit and a Camera Van was parked there. Before I reached the 30mph zone but the Camera van took a photo of me to which I was very distressed and I then decided to come to you and explain the situation.

I contact the Police in Cumbria and they told me to send them email and explain it, which I did. After 9 days Cumbria Police send me a letter and said nothing they can do either I accept the offer of a fixed penalty or alternatively I may go to a court hearing.

Louise Says:

Have you received a notice of intended prosecution? Could you tell me what speed the police are alleging you traveled at? Unless I know that it’s very difficult to assess the likely outcome.

If you were not in the 30 mph limit at the time, but the police are suggesting that you were, then you may need to contest this matter and I will be happy to assist.

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