Stopping On Zig Zags


Having just traveled from x to x to assist my daughter in getting to Carlisle for her Race for Life event the following day, I dropped her off at work at a restaurant and at the same time my son decided to post a letter in a post box opposite. I pulled in close to the kerb with my indicator on throughout and stayed there for the time it took to cross the road and return for my son.

At this point a rather bumptious policeman pulled alongside and asked me to park in a space about 30 yards further which I did. He then proceeded to ask me to get into the patrol car at which point he informed me I was illegally parked and had gone through a red light at the point when he asked me to move.

He served me with a fixed penalty notice and 3 points. Having driven for 35 years without ever having been stopped by police I find the fact that I have been pulled for what I believe is a trivial offence whilst attempting to do good in assuring my daughter gets to the Race for Life event thus raising much needed funds for Cancer research.

Personally I would much rather donate the £60 to the Cancer Charity.

Graham Says:

I understand your frustration but I’m afraid the court would view this matter as a road safety issue and I do not think that they would have a huge amount of sympathy with your argument.

In any event the offence is strict liability. This means that it doesn’t matter why the offence happened – if as a matter of fact you stopped on zig zags you will get the points and a higher fine and court costs if you challenge it.

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