Struggling To Pay


Have had no insurance since May when my policy was cancelled for non payment.

Am a student and have struggled with finances in the last 3 months and have been unable to pay phone bills, insurance and have had to apply for credit cards for living expenses.

Have been driving my car, and was caught in Newcastle (moved from Manchester to live with a friend as I could not afford my rent) with no insurance.

I have held my licence for 7 years (converted it from a non -EU country licence 2 years ago).

I have not had any penalty points before and also read about the 6 – 8 points, and need to know how many penalty points my licence has before a ban, possible fine and whether the conviction would affect my immigration status. I intend to apply for a post – study work visa in 3 months.

Paula Says:

I cannot advise you in relation to immigration issues. I am not a specialist in that area of law. You will get a fine and 6-8 points for this offence.

You can have up to 11 points on your licence without getting a ban. If you get 12 points and the offence are all within 3 years of each other then you will get banned for 6 months unless you defend the allegation or you can show that you would suffer exceptional hardship as a result.

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