Subcontractor Not Insured


I have a construction & groundwork company. One of my sub-contractors was driving a company van and was stopped by the police. I was contacted and asked to go to the incident with the insurance details.

When I arrived it became apparent that the sub-contractor was not covered on my fleet policy, the van was but he wasn’t. He was given 3 points & £60 fine for not being insured. I was also given 6 points & £200 fine.

I do not feel that I personally should have points. I was not in the vehicle with him at the time of the incident.

Paula Says:

You will have been given the ticket for either permitting him to drive without insurance or using the vehicle without insurance on the basis that you had the benefit of the use as he was working for you.

Why did the insurance not cover him and what did he get his 3 points for?

You will have a special reasons argument if you were not aware he was not insured. As long as your belief that he was covered was reasonable we should be able to avoid the points.

You have to reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing to run this argument. On the face of it I think you will have a strong argument.

Would you like my help with this matter? If so come back to me and I will be happy to assist further.

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