Temporary Speed Limit


I have been accused of speeding, doing 62mph in a temporary 50mph zone on the M6. I have returned the NIP form and stated that I was the driver of the vehicle.

I don’t think I was speeding as I was aware of the speed cameras, although I did have to move out of the way of a speeding 3 series BMW.

My logic is that I definitely wasn’t speeding when I passed the second average speed camera, which would mean that I was driving circa 80+mph when I entered the first camera zone, which I just don’t think is correct. I do drive a powerful car (Porsche 911 turbo) and do remember the day and time clearly as it was the first day after the May bank holiday and I was returning to work in Newcastle.

Do I have any defence against this alleged offence if I go to court or should I accept the 3 point and £60 fine, and why wouldn’t they Police offer me the option of attending a speed awareness course?

Dominic says:

If you don’t accept that you were speeding then you have a potential defence. The police have to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt – if they do you will be convicted.

You have to cast a doubt to win. If the only reason you speeded up was because another can was tailgating you or driving dangerously then you may have a special reasons argument to avoid the points.

Its a gamble. The first question is do you accept the speed. If you think its a possibility and you don’t want to take the risk at court – then take the points. Come back to me if you are up for a fight and you want my help. I’m afraid the speed is probably too high for the speed awareness course.

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