I Think The Officer Hit The Car In Front


On Friday I was stopped for doing 76mph on a 60mph road on a motorcycle. The strange thing was that I was behind two cars going in the same direction, and the speed was measured with a handheld speed gun from the front. I had just been overtaken by the car in front, which may have been doing 76mph, but I am sure I was not.

I think the reflection that triggered the speed measurement was from the car in front. I was given a fixed penalty ticket, and need to choose my action. I have driven a motorcycle 10,000 to 20,000 miles per year for 30 years and have had a clean license throughout.

Louise Says:

Ask to see the photographic evidence if one was taken. That should show a cross hair for the device in question. If the cross hair is on your bike then you will be in difficulties. If the cross hair is missing or on the car then you will have a strong argument.

You have to remember that these devices can see you often long before you see them, so the officer may well claim that he recorded your speed before you even saw him and before the overtaking manoeuvre.

If you would like my help with this matter keep me informed. Watch the time limits. If there are no photos and you do not want to accept the ticket then come back to me and I will be happy to assist further. The officer will probably never accept that he zapped the wrong vehicle.

We would need to reject the ticket and take the matter to court but you would need to be up for a fight. We would have to cast a doubt on the officer’s account of events. the officer would have to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt to win.

Keep me informed of developments.

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