Thought I Was Covered On A Trade Policy!


I was stopped yesterday for no insurance (ANPR check)while driving my daughters car. I knew her policy had been transferred to another vehicle but I believed I had cover under a motor trade policy with my employers. I do in fact have an expired certificate naming me on the policy for trade purposes and SD &P use.

I have sold her vehicle today. My purpose for driving it was purely to make sure everything was OK with it. It had been standing for a few months. It has now transpired that the policy I was covered on has been changed to a specified vehicle policy, so the vehicles are all insured for anybody in the employ rather than named drivers on any vehicle.

The admin were supposed to tell us by email but I was left off that circular. OK I understand I will get a fine and points but is there any mitigation I can use? Will my daughter get dragged into this too? I have been driving for over 40-years with a clean record. Thank you.

Paula Says:

Your daughter could be accused of permitting you to drive the car without insurance but if you didn’t ask for permission and you just did it she should be fine.

You will get 6-8 points for driving without insurance. You won’t be able to avoid the points unless you can show the court that you were misled into thinking that you were covered.

You may have an argument regarding your employers failing to tell you about the change in your insurance. Surely the old trade policy only covered you to drive cars in the course of the trade? Were you going to sell your daughters car through the business?

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