I Thought I Had Fully Comp Cover


I was caught driving my stepfathers vehicle, I honestly thought I was insured fully comp, but I turned out that on my own car (fiat punto, the policyholder which was my brother inlaw) was only the fully comp.

When I was stopped I have been given a slip to produce my documents at my local police station, I am 19 years old and hold my licence for only 1yr 6 months, so I am still under probation period which means I only have 6 points, ever since I passed (at 17 years old) only three weeks ago I started driving.

I very much need my car as I am a student and going to commute to university next year as well as need it for my part time job.

I really want to know whether there’s any chance of me not losing my licence?

Ps, I have never ever been involved with the police.

If you could call or email me, you would be of great help.

Paula Says:

I understand your concerns. Unfortunately you do not have a defence to this matter and on the basis of what you have said the court will not accept that you have special reasons. they will find that it was your fault for misunderstanding the cover.

Your only hope is to persuade the court to give you a short ban rather than the points. If you succeed you will avoid revocation.

the court sometimes feel manipulated so you will need to make sure that your mitigation is excellent.

Come back to m,e if you would like my help with this matter and I will be happy to assist further.

You have to reject the ticket and take the matter to court to stand any chance of avoiding revocation.

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