Two Police Officers Against One!


I was traveling with my family of two children, one baby and my wife how can I speed away and even to see that a marked police car following me more importantly with my little children in the car. I was pulled over by a police officer in that I was over speeding.

Though he couldn’t supply me with the proof of evident after refusing to pay for the fix penalty and consequently I have written to request for the prove of the speeding but the officer didn’t provide it.

He therefore said they are two officers so it’s likely that the Magistrates will believe them, so is it true that the Magistrates will believe them just because they are two officers.

Please help me with an answer.

Louise Says:

They have to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt to win. You have to reasonable doubt to win. So the burden is very much on them.

How fast is he suggesting that you were going? If the two officers back each other up then it will be more difficult. Can your wife back you up in relation to the speed you were traveling at? Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

I defend over 95% of the cases that I take on so this shows that the court are willing to believe a civilian over an officer if the case is handled properly.

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