Is There Any “Unofficial Way” Of Getting Away With A Speeding Fine?


Hi, not so long time I got caught by a flash speed camera on a motorway driving x in a x zone. 3 days later I received a letter of intended prosecution.

Of course I’d like to avoid being punished for that so I figured I could just ignore it and in case some further investigation continues I can always say I didn’t receive anything in the post plus I didn’t have to sign for receiving that letter which means I could have easily be lost in post.

Do you think I should do that or just fill out the forms and accept a £60 rip off and 3 points as a bonus?

What would be my “unofficial” ways of getting away with it?

Should I just let go or keep fighting?

Louise Says:

I’m afraid that’s not a good approach to take. It will lead to a summons for failing to name the driver and you will then have to cast a doubt on the suggestion that you received it when it gets to court.

This means that you will have to lie on oath – which is perjury and if found out would lead to prison. If convicted of failing to name the driver you will get 6 points and a fine of around £600.

I anticipate that they have sent you more than one letter asking for the driver details?

The police are perfectly entitled to send these letters by first class post and there is a presumption of service.

If you accept that you were speeding on that date, in that place and at that time take the ticket – you will sleep much easier at night.

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