Having Use Of A Vehicle Without Insurance


Is this right? I’ve bought a van with tax & mot it was parked outside my house, and because I was sorting my barrel out in the vehicle, because there was no insurance on the van the police done me for no insurance, he said because I had access to use it they gave me 6 point & £100 fine.

My auntie confirmed that she drives the vehicle for me because she’s allowed to on her insurance, I said to the solicitor I wasn’t intending to use it, it was for selling on, but the court person, didn’t let me speak, they only heard the police side of the statement.

If you hear my statement at the police station I said it on the tape, when I got to the police station they said I would probably get away with it because it was daft, but I got done for it.

Please get back to me ASAP, because everyone I spoke to said that I shouldn’t of got done!!!!!

Paula Says:

If the vehicle belongs to you and it is parked on a public road or in a public place then it must be insured I’m afraid. So everyone else is wrong. If you have the opportunity to use it, it must be insured. You don’t have to be caught actually using it.

Sorry but you will not be able to appeal the conviction on that basis.

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