I Was Not Using A Phone Whilst Driving


My son received ticket for a fine and three points for using phone. He denied using phone at time, officers did not believe him. His phone records show the phone was used but it was 5 min previous to the caution.

My son denies he was on the phone at the time but had used the phone before leaving house. He drives all the time at work, he does not need points. Is it worth it to deny the charge, or can they get away with it saying their clock was out? Thanks

Paula Says:

If your son denies using the phone whilst driving then he should reject the ticket and take the matter to court. At court he will have to try and cast a doubt on the officers evidence and he maybe able to do this with the phone records showing that no call was made at the relevant time.

Your son needs to be up for a fight and also up for the risk that if he is convicted he will get higher fines and court costs.

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