It Wasn’t Me Driving


My car activated a camera 02/06/x.

I originally filled out the form with my details and sent them to the ticket office.

When I received my conditional offer through the post I noticed it wasn’t a speeding offence, but failing to stop at a light. I had no recollection of traveling through a red light and investigated. To realize I was driving the car at the time it was caught on camera.

I noticed via tracker the car had traveled to a location where I play football usually. I normally play on a Thursday, but due to the pitches being re-laid our slot was moved to a Tuesday at this time. I never played on the rearranged Tuesdays because of a back and groin injury I sustained before the switch of days.

I did drive my car that day, but clearly my journey didn’t take me past the camera. The camera was activated when it was being driven to football, while I was being driven home in another car.

I have questioned both my brothers but they can’t recollect passing through a red light. I asked for photographic evidence but only shows the rear of the vehicle.

I drive a company car and at this time it would be usual for me to allow my brothers to drive it.

It has now come to light as a result of this case the company say only named drivers are insured regardless if the driver has a private policy.

Graham Says:

Good to speak to you. You have a very strong reasonable diligence argument and I will be happy to assist you. Your argument is strengthened by the fact that you were not one of the potential drivers.

Your brothers will corroborate your efforts to figure out who was driving and hopefully we will persuade the CPS to drop the allegation pre trial.

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