I Wasn’t Going That Fast


Hi, I was stopped on a dual carriageway today for speeding. The officer who stopped me showed me the gun and collaboration sticker. the readings on the gun showed +92. He told me I was doing in excess of 92 mph. He also told me I was in a bend when traveling at that speed.

I testified with the officer that I was no way traveling as fast as 92mph. I then went on to ask him are you sure it was my vehicle? He replied ‘there were quiet a lot of cars around you, but yours was the lightest in colour’ (yes my vehicle is silver)???

I found the latter very strange as to give proof to say it was exactly my vehicle when there was a ‘light’ car traveling in front of me. I am also certain there were at least three ‘light’ cars around me at the time of offence.

I asked for a photo to determine it was my vehicle but he told me there isn’t one. I now have a ticket and 28 days to pay and 7 days to surrender licence. Please could you advise if I have a chance of winning if I decide to go court?

Louise Says:

The officer has to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt and you only have to cast a doubt to win.

You would have to reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing. Be aware that if you lose at court you risk higher fines and court costs than the fixed penalty. You may also get an 4-5 points rather than 3.

Your aim would be to suggest that the officer stopped the wrong car. The fact that your car was the lightest is not a good basis for identification. We have won many similar cases.

I will be happy to assist you with this matter. You should only ask for a court hearing though if you do not accept that you were traveling at the speed alleged.

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