I Wasn’t Speeding On My Motorbike


Speeding 80 in a 70

Your road traffic offence question: I was riding a motorbike with a friend following on his. The camera was forward facing and they say the officer jotted down the number plate. I know I wasn’t speeding as I was running out of fuel at the time and trying to get to a service station. 2ndly the other bike didn’t receive an offence.

Louise Says:

This is a normal way of officers detecting speeding offences on motorbikes.

If you don’t accept that you were speeding then you need to reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing. You will have to cast a doubt on the officer’s account of events to win.

The fact that they did not prosecute the other driver is just good luck for him. It does not affect the decision in relation to you or whether or not their evidence in relation to you is accurate. If you brought this up it would be seen as sour grapes.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

You need to be careful because if you take it to court and lose you will be at risk of higher fines and court costs.

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