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I am looking for some guidance. Last Thursday I was stopped on the road by a policeman for exceeding the speed limit. I dutifully accepted the paperwork, surrendered my licence and placed the fine in the post on Saturday. However after a debate with my husband regarding the speed limit we have gone back to the same stretch of road this evening to look for appropriate signage.

From leaving the roundabout and entering this fairly long stretch of road (x area) there are no signs at all detailing the speed limit (in fact one of the roads off this actually has the national speed limit sign). I have taken photographs of the road to demonstrate this.

When we drove closer to the actual spot I was stopped I noticed there was a square yellow sign which states 30mph however my speed would have been trapped way before this sign as it is only short distance before I got stopped. I want to understand if I have a legitimate case or not.

The speeding limit was 30mph I was caught doing 49mph, consequently I am comfortable to take the points and fine as appreciate I was largely over the limit. Your guidance would be appreciated. Many Thanks.

Louise Says:

I anticipate that the speed limit was denoted by a system of street lighting.

If there is a system of street lighting in place and the street lights are not more than 200 yards apart then the limit is automatically 30 mph unless there are signs to the contrary. Not many people seem to know that. Is that the case here?

You were lucky to get a fixed penalty offer. You could have had a summons to court for that speed. I would bite their hand off if there are street lights in place.

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