I Just Bought The Car


I was speeding and got caught on a mobile camera and have received a NIP. The offence happened on 28/04/x and the issue date of the NIP is 20/05/x which is outside the 14 day issue period. I bought the car on 14/04/x but the V5 was dated 18/05/x. Is the issue of the NIP within the Road Traffic Act 1988 time limits?

Rob Says:

There is an exception to the 14 day rule if the police have trouble tracking you down. The purchase date that you bought the car is very close to the offence date.

I don’t think the DVLA will have updated their database to show you as the registered keeper and I think the police probably sent the first NIP to the old keeper. This would be one of the exceptions to the rule and therefore the NIP wont be defective.

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