Tracking Device Says I Was Not Speeding


I recently received a letter informing me that I was caught traveling at 38 on a 30mph road however I am a careful driver and would like to keep my clean licence as spend a lot of time on the road as I am an on the road engineer.

Fortunately have a print out from my vans tracking device which clearly shows that at the time of the alleged offence I was traveling at 25mph. Will this be sufficient evidence to prevent points or a fine? Many thanks

Louise Says:

In order to defend this matter you are going to have to reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing. The court will then have to decide whether or not you have cast a doubt on the officers evidence. The prosecution have to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt to win you have to cast a doubt to win.

You won’t be able to dissuade the police from taking further action they will believe that their evidence is right.

They may offer you the speed awareness course as an alternative to points and if they do I suggest you take it because there is a risk you will lose at court and get higher fines and court costs.

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