It Was Me Or The Wife – We Are Both Blaming Each Other


As registered owned of the vehicle, I got two NIP’s for speeding recently, with the offences 5 minutes apart.

I believe that my wife was driving at the time and have written to the Ticket Office and told them.

They have now written to her, and she is blaming me and has told them that it was me….

Now what? Do I just admit it?

Dominic Says:

If you are not careful here you are going to get 6 points x 2 for failing to name the driver. This would lead to a penalty point ban for 12 months. The police will lose patience if you do not come up with an answer quickly.

You need to make sure that you tell the truth and you use reasonable diligence to figure it out. If the two offences are heading in the same direction then we may be able to argue that its one continuous offence and that there should only be one set of points. What are the speeds alleged? Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

I may be able to persuade the police that you have done your best to figure it out and that they should let the matter go. This wont be easy because there are two.

Tell me more about why you cannot figure it out and I will be happy to help further.

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