Young And Daft – No Insurance


My 15 year old son drove his friend’s scooter without having a licence, he wasn’t wearing a helmet & nor was he insured. He’s received a summons which states that he can enter an early plea of guilty to the court but we should speak to a solicitor first.

He is guilty & there is no mitigation for his actions he was stupid & did something that he knew was wrong so do we just write & tell the court that? Thanks.

Paula Says:

It’s not the sort of thing you need a solicitor to deal with unless your son is really nervous. He will probably get a fine and 6 points on his driving record for no insurance.

DVLA will start a record for him and his provisional licence will have the points on if he applies for it when he is 17.

His mitigation is that he is young and was daft. The magistrates will scare him but also understand. They were young once!

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