Traffic Signs

Traffic sign driving offence questions and answers.


No Entry Sign – Fixed Penalty 3 Points

Question: Hi I just wanted to know my rights as I got a fixed penalty ticket and 3 points for going down a no entry which only had one sign which is on the wrong side of the road Graham …

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Crossing A Solid White Line

Question: Can the Police notice if or when I crossed a full white line when the police are driving in the opposite direction on a duel carriage way? If I disagree with the offence, is it just my word against …

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I Crossed The Hatched Area On A Slip Road

Question: Hi, I had missed my turn off for the M6 and was entering the m6 toll, I realised I had forgot my wallet and had no cash so I decided to cross the hatched markings on the slip road …

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Crossing Double White Lines

Question: I was pulled over and asked to go to the officer’s car leaving my 85 year old mother alone in my car. The officer did not tell me what he wanted, he made phone calls. After 15 mins (and …

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Stopping On A Zig Zag

Question: My husband has recently been issued a court summons, can you advise if he is in the wrong. Whilst driving in zig-zags (delivering for TNT) he wound his window down to ask two policeman for directions. He didn’t switch …

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