10 Minutes Out With Insurance


I have been given a fixed penalty notice of £200. I was given the ticket at 23.35. However I got a temporary insurance done at 23.32 through my wife and therefore I believed that I was insured. But the fact is the insurance started at 23.45.

I genuinely believed that I was temporary insured. I have evidence that I got myself insured and was unaware of the 10 minutes delay.

I would like to know whether I should accept the fixed penalty or go to court and argue special reasons?

Paula Says:

It sounds like a very strong special reasons argument to me. I have dealt with many similar cases when there is a time lag in the insurance taking effect. I assume you have a clean licence at the moment? Did the insurance broker give you the impression that the insurance would take effect immediately? Did they explain the delay?

Would you like my help with this matter? I will be happy to assist further. I charge a fixed fee ( see our fees here ) to make exceptional hardship arguments but in the first instance I would try and persuade the CPS to drop the case on the basis that there was no criminality on your part. If we succeed then you will get at least some of your costs back.

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