Excess Speed – 100 in a 70 Limit


1. photo/ dvd evidence is apparently available online- do I check it?

2. nips- 6 penalty points or fine or ban in the offing- do I plead guilty?

3. how do I proceed to save penalty or minimize damage?

Louise Says:

Yes you should have a look at the photo’s to make sure you are happy it’s your car!

You should only plead guilty if you accept that you are guilty of the alleged offence. Do you accept traveling at that speed? You are going to be summonsed to court because at 100 mph the speed is too high for a fixed penalty.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

You can minimize the penalty by either defending the matter. I cannot advise on your prospects until I see the officer’s statement but I am happy to assist by looking at it when it arrives with the summons.

Tell me more about why you need to be able to drive and I will advise on the quality of your mitigation.

I help over 93% of my clients avoid this type of ban and will be happy to assist further – so don’t panic!

Keep my details and come back to me if you would like help in the future.

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