Inconsistent Reference My Speed


I was pulled on the motorway ‘supposedly’ doing 78mph but at 1st it was 80mph than 76mph and than ended up at 78mph.

When I asked what proof he had they wouldn’t tell me just kept telling me to be quiet but before that they had cut me up and I shook my head which is all they kept saying in the car.

Is it worth me taking it to court or shall I just pay it and take the 3 points to get it over with?

 Louise Says:

If you accept you were speeding then you should take the ticket and get the matter over and done with.

If you don’t accept the matter then you should take it to court and try and cast a doubt on the officer’s account of events. If there were two of them you will struggle, they will gang up against you.

They probably assessed your speed by following behind you in a car with a calibrated speedo.

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