Speeding – Over 100 mph In A 70 Speed Limit


speeding over 100mph

Speeding on motorway. 100mph in a 70mph zone

Got stopped on the motorway for doing 100 mph in a 70 although I think I was on about 95. The policeman said he was going to report me and gave me a producer because I did not have my licence with me. I was asked to sign a form but I’m not sure what it was. Could it have been a NIP? I had an SP30 about 7 years ago and an SP50 18 years ago.

So a clean licence!

The 100 mph offence took place about a week ago on Sunday. Should I expect a NIP within 14 days of the offence? If I don’t get a NIP does it mean I’m off the hook? The policeman who stopped me said I’ll have to go to the court. How many points am I likely to get and will the court be considering a ban?

Louise Says:

The officer gave you a verbal NIP when he warned you that you were going to be reported for the offence and that you may get a summons to court.

The officer was probably trying to get you to sign his pocket note book admitting the offence.

You don’t get a NIP in the post if you are warned at the time of the alleged offence. The next thing you will get is a summons to court. The speed is too high for a fixed penalty and you will be at risk of ban if the speed was 100 mph or more.

If you avoid a ban you will get between 4-6 penalty points.

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