Speeding Offence In Missing Hour


Like the site very much, must search for the French equivalent, but things are not as bad here

This is not a serious question though you might find it amusing.

A friend of mine , several years ago, was flashed during the missing hour when the clocks were changed. The time on the charge, when it came, did not exist because it was lost when the clocks changed.

He coughed up the fine, but was the charge flawed and could he have successfully fought it?

Louise says:

Thank you for your kind comments about our website.

If the time of the alleged offence on the notice of intended prosecution (the first document the police send out) was wrong then yes your friend would have had a defence under s.1 RTOA 1988.

The police can be pedantic though and these things can often end up taking up way too much of our precious time. I often advise taking it on the chin if you are not up for a fight and you can live with the points.

I presume that the police in France concentrate on catching the real criminals?

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