What If I Don’t Pay The Fixed Penalty Fine – My Speedo Was Broken



Hello, last month my speedometer broke when I was on my way home ( its been a bit iffy for a few days but seemed to be fine) and sadly I was going through Plymouth which has loads of speed cameras.

I’m worried I’m going to get a speeding ticket. Even though its been over 2 weeks I think I might still receive one, can I appeal against it and if I do will I still get the points even if I don’t pay the money fine? Please reply, I’m lost.

Louise Says:

If you are the keeper of the car then you have to get the NIP within 14 days of the alleged offence.

If you don’t pay the fine you will get a summons to court and you will get higher fines and court costs. At court you will get higher fines and court costs I’m afraid.

The court will make you pay the fine and you will risk imprisonment if you refuse.

If your speedometer was broken you may have a special reasons argument o avoid the points – but you would not have a defence. You are going to need evidence from a mechanic to prove that the speedo was broken

Have you got any penalty points already?

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