Were There Any Other Possible Drivers



How do I get evidence to whether it was myself driving? I am not sure if it was me on that day! But as this will take me to 12 points and a ban I need to be sure!

I am a single parent who has been unemployed for 2 years and am just about to start a new job to which I will need my car to get too! I am very stressed about this so need to be sure if it was me driving before I send form back! Thanx

Dominic Says:

Are there any other likely drivers? If not then you will end up getting convicted of failing to name the driver if you are not careful.

The police do not have to produce evidence that it was you driving at the time.

They simply have to ask you to name the driver and if you can’t then you get 6 points unless you can show the court that their are likely alternative possible drivers and that you have used reasonable diligence to figure it out.

If the only likelihood is that it was you then you would do better to name yourself and then go to court and argue exceptional hardship to try and avoid the ban.

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