12 Points – No Ban


I have 2 dates for the same offence but they’re the same date for which I have received 3 points on my licence.

And one for no insurance on the x.

My licence doesn’t say I’m banned and I haven’t been told I’m banned by the court. I don’t know about these other offences.

How many points have you got on your licence from the last 3 years: 12

Graham Says:

Were the first two offences separate offence. I don’t understand the first sentence about 2 dates for the same offence? It cannot be the same offence if there are two separate dates referred to?

If you have accumulated 12 points within 3 years you will get a letter asking you to attend court for the court to consider banning you. If they cannot get hold if you because you have moved they will potentially issue a warrant for your arrest I’m afraid.

Double check your licence and come back to me with the dates of speeding offences and the number of points imposed.