Penalty Points – Working Out The Dates


No insurance

My first 6 points was an offence dated 27.08.07
 my second 6 points offence was 27.09.10 
is that calculated as 12 points as first offence is just over 3 years old

(I’ve left the dates in this question because there are no other identifying features and of course the dates form the whole point of the question)

Graham Says:

If the first offence was 27.8.07 then these penalty points remain effective until 26.8.10. Therefore the offence on the 27.9.10 does not add up with the previous 6 points and you are not at risk of a totting ban.

Hope that makes you feel better. Be careful going forward and keep my details. What went wrong with the no insurance. Do you accept it was your fault?

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