Can I Appeal Against The Decision?


In x I was caught by a speed camera. This offence would have put me on 12 points. However by the time the offence went to court in x I was within two weeks of six of the points expiring. I was however found guilty and banned for six months. I subsequently appealed to the crown court as I felt that the facts and my circumstances had not been taken into consideration.

The crown court judge upheld the decision with the comment that I had ‘berated’ the magistrates court. However his interpretation of ‘berating’ was drawn from me saying that I felt I didn’t get a fair hearing as the court was very very busy (they seemed to be dealing with several cases at once).

I am now two months into the six month ban do you think you could be any assistance in getting the ban lifted ?

Graham Says:

I’m afraid there is nothing that can be done. This type of ban cannot be lifted early and you have exhausted your avenues of appeal. There is no higher court to which you could appeal the sentence.

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