12 Points Possibly!


I believe that I may have been caught speeding, doing 50 in a 40 mile zone. This will mean 12 points to my licence. The other 9 points were 36mph in a 30 mile zone.

If my license is endorsed I will lose my job and not be able to take my kids to nursery. I do not live near to shops etc. I am in the country. Will I definitely lose my license or might I have a good case for an “Exceptional Argument” case? Thanks

Graham Says:

You certainly have the start of an exceptional hardship argument.

I take it you have not received a notice of intended prosecution from the police yet? When did the possible offence happen? They have 14 days to send the notice out to the registered keeper of the car. Is that you?

The court will take into account hardship caused to you and most importantly those that rely on you. What do you do for a living? Would you have to move or would the children have to change nurseries?

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