Totting Up


Already have 9 points on licence. Have received a ‘notice of intended prosecution’ for speeding (35 in a 30 zone). Employed as a van driver so livelihood dependent on driving licence.

Dependent child to support & significant personal debt (receiving debt counseling). Advice needed on presenting a hardship case to avoid a driving ban.

Thank you

Graham Says:

You may get offered the speed awareness course for the most recent offence as the speed is very low. Check on Google to see if there is a speed awareness course in your area.

In order to succeed with exceptional hardship and avoid totting up you need to show the court that either you or those that rely on you would suffer exceptional hardship if you were to lose your licence.

The court attaches more significance to those that rely on you so the fact that you have a financially dependent child will help your argument. Have you got a mortgage or a partner to support too?

There are probably more arguments that could be raised but you haven’t given me a huge amount of information.

I succeed with these arguments over 91% of the time, the national average is that only 39% succeed so we seem to do a lot better.

Would you like my help? Obviously I appreciate money is tight.

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