12 Points?


I was summonsed to court for this offence I could not attend due to health, I called court to inform them of this, but the case was heard in my absence and I was imposed with 3 penalty points. this is because I was driving whilst my licence was revoked under new drivers act which I was unaware of.

I though I only had 3 penalty points for a fixed penalty speeding ticket. But after being informed by police that my licence is revoked I inquired as to why to DVLA and relevant courts. It appears they did not receive my fixed penalty reply and a case was heard and I was imposed with 6 points causing my licence to be revoked. 12 points in total.

I was unaware this case and to the fact of my licence being revoked I had not received any letters possibly due to theft of post from external post box. I have since signed a statutory declaration stating I was unaware of the case which imposed six points.

I am hoping to be acquitted of the driving otherwise in accordance of licence offence based on the basis that I was unaware of my licence being revoked

Graham Says:

You would need to get the case where you got 6 points reopened by making a statutory declaration. You need to do this within 21 days of finding out about the conviction. You need to make the declaration at the court that convicted you. This will set aside the 6 points and the revocation. You need to act fast.

If the revocation is set aside you will have an argument that its an abuse to prosecute you for driving without a licence for the most recent offence. You are at risk of a 6 month ban if you get another 3 points for this matter so you need to take it very seriously.

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