Appealing Totting Up / Penalty Point Ban


I recently got banned from driving for totting up. The offence was traveling 36 miles in a 30mph zone. I already had 9pts for the same offence, though some had almost run out.

I’ve been unemployed for 2 years, live in a rural area with little public transport. I have work offered in Sept, but will lose it without a licence. Without work I can’t afford to live on JSA, but there is no possibility of work without transport. The nearest Job Centre is a 2 hour bus ride away and I can’t afford the fares.

I want to appeal, will I get legal aid? If not how can I do it on my own and what forms will I need and how much will it cost?

Graham Says:

You have to appeal against the sentence for the speeding offence within 21 days of the hearing date.

You will need to make an exceptional hardship argument to try and set aside the totting up ban. You will need to prove how long you have been out of work and also prove that you have a definite job offer.

You cannot get legal aid for these types of road traffic offences. You need to get the appeal forms from the court urgently if you are still within the 21 day limit.

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