Totting Ban – Red Traffic Light


Hello. I was driving along the road police car was about 100 meters behind, and he apparently saw a car go through red light, which he thought was me, so they followed me for about 2 miles before even pulling me over which they did on a dual carriageway, they showed me a video of a car going through a red light which was not my car.

I got a letter a few months later saying I had 2 go court, but they had no evidence they recorded over the footage, and in there statement they’ve changed the roads names, this will be the third time I’ve be 2 court about it, but they have no evidence, but they’re two policemen against me plus I have 9 points on my licence, can you give me any advice please, thank you

Graham Says:

If the police car was that far behind then you maybe able to cast a doubt on the police evidence. They need to prove the case against you beyond reasonable doubt, You need to cast a doubt to win. It sounds as though we maybe able to show there was a break in continuity. Have they given you a copy of the video evidence.

You need some help with this matter. It may be possible to get the matter withdrawn without the need for a trial if we can show the prosecution that they do not have a reasonable prospect of convicting you. We succeed in doing this in over 83% of the cases that we take on.

I can help you with this matter. If you lose you are at risk of a 6 month totting ban – I am sure that you are aware of that.

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