TT99 Totting Ban?


I got banned in x for no insurance. I hold my hands up, totally my fault. BUT I RECIEVED A £540 fine 8 points and a 6 month ban. After I re- sat my driving test I sent of for my licence and got it back with no points but a tt99 on my licence.

Everywhere I have read the offence code says that it is under the totting up procedure for receiving 12 or more points. I spoke to the court and the admin there said that this doesn’t make sense. Do I have a case???

Graham Says:

The tt99 endorsement on your licence is correct.

The points are wiped by the totting ban and all you end up with is a tt99 endorsement and the length of the ban written next to it. The points for the no insurance lose effect the moment you get this type of driving ban.

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