Totting Driving Ban


Going thru red light

I have 9 points and took a traffic light and it just changed. A car was behind me and it was 50/50 to stop and fear car behind would hit me if I braked. Also it took the police longer than 14 even 28 day’s to reply to me because something to do with DVLA.

I have responded to them three time’s and haven’t declared me as driver. I now have to appear in court on x. Can you help? don’t want fine or more points or ban?

Graham Says:

You are at risk of a 6 month totting ban I’m afraid.

You maybe able to argue special reasons at court to try and avoid the points on the basis that it was not safe to stop.

If the police have trouble tracking you down then they can take longer than the 14 days allowed to send you a notice in the post.

I can help you with this matter. I help over 91% of my clients avoid totting bans but I do charge a fixed fee of £700 plus vat. This includes your representation at court.

Have you been summons for failing to name the driver as well? If so you will be at risk of 6 points but you will have a defence if you sent back your details

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