2 New Speeding Offences


I am assuming that it is not possible to get legal aid for such offences. I already have 6 points on my licence and I do not want to be disqualified (totting up), I do not have any children to argue exceptional hardship but I do have a Son (now aged 34) who depends on me financially (as he lives in Thailand) and is on an extremely low income therefore I need to work to help him.

At the moment I am unemployed but was hoping to return to work. Without my licence I cannot do this. I am desperate to avoid 12pts on the totting up system. I have never been disqualified before.

As I am not working would legal aid be a possibility?

Graham Says:

You are right that you are facing a totting ban for a minimum of 6 months.

I’m afraid that you cannot get legal aid for speeding matters because you will not be at risk of imprisonment.

I can help you with these matters and at the time of writing I have a 92% success rate in helping my clients avoid totting bans. You have the start of a good argument but we would need to go into far more detail to persuade the court not to ban you.

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