No Warning Sign About The Speed Trap


I was flashed by a fixed camera at 03:31 on x allegedly doing 36 MPH on x. I had been traveling up the high st which is well marked with 40mph signs. I didn’t see the 30mph sign just prior to the camera as it is on a junction and well set back.

Of course at the junction drivers are concentrating on the traffic lights and if there is any other traffic and as the sign is set so far back one has to look for it to notice it and then it could be thought of indicating the speed limit on another road at the junction.

Having driven back through this junction I know the sign is there as I looked for it but like I said it is very easy to miss. I also noticed that there was no signs indicating that there was speed cameras on that road – is this a legal requirement, I’ve heard that this is the case but it may be another urban myth.

In any case I would be pleased to hear if I have a defence.

Many Thanks

Louise Says:

I’m afraid that you are going to struggle to defend it if there were terminal 30 mph limit signs at the start of the limit. If the signs were obscured then you may have an argument.

There is no legal requirement for warning signs regarding a speed trap and this is not a basis for defending the case.

The requirement for warning signs is only an ACPO guideline and the court will only be interested in whether or not you committed the offence alleged and whether or not the police can prove beyond doubt that you exceeded the speed limit in question. If you accept that you did, albeit unknowingly, this will not amount to a defence.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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